I think the hardest addiction to break is the addiction to food. Not necessarily sugar, carbs, soda, or any specific food or junk, but food. If you think about it, food is everywhere. We need food.

Quitting a drug or drinking may be easier (for me at least) since you can avoid certain people or places and not be around it at all if you choose. However, how can you not ever be around food? You just can’t.

I think what has made it easier for me for this past month has been because the cravings for carbs and sugar have mostly gone away. Sometimes I crave a yummy pastry from the grocery store. Sometimes I just want some chips or a donut. But for the most part I am actually enjoying what I eat and especially how it makes me feel.

We have so many potlucks here at work and most of it is junk food. I feel like it helps to look at the food but not eat it. I look at it and remember how yummy it tastes…but most importantly how it makes me feel.

I cheated once on this way of eating in this past month and I don’t plan on cheating again. I had 5 pieces of cream cheese braid that I made myself, so good! But the after effects were not worth it. I had a headache, cloudy thinking, grogginess, and just overall no energy physically or mentally. I pushed through the rest of my day at work and felt like a failure. The next day I was right back to my Keto way of eating and never looked back!

When I first started this way of eating my sister told me that willpower is a muscle and it gets stronger every time you use it. I told her she should start her own blog and focus on this way of eating, her personal weight struggles growing up and all her journey’s she’s been on. I think many people would find her blog interesting, motivating, inspiring and something a lot of people can relate to.

I took some “after” photos last night and the biggest difference I can see is that my back rolls have flattened out a bit, if that makes sense. They are going away slowly but surely. I love how I feel! I have so much more energy now and less irritability. I feel like I am barely ever hungry and when I am hungry I have so many healthy, tasty choices to choose from.

I can understand how food is an addiction and it can be hard to quit. Just remember we eat to live, not live to eat. Don’t allow food to control you. Food is here to fuel our bodies in the best way possible. Don’t give up on yourself!


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