Where do you see yourself in 5 years? How about 10 years? These are things that you may be asked at an interview or maybe in High School. Maybe “goals” are also considered a New Year Resolution. I think my goals are like a long “to do” list.

I think it is good to have goals. No matter your age. Just because you are in your sixties doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have goals. It is never too late to set goals.

Goals don’t have to be boring, responsible things like “pay off my debt” or “save for retirement.” You can make some short term and long term goals. Anything to motivate you and help you to stick with it.

Stay positive and take baby steps if you need to. Just remember you will thank yourself when you have reached your goal, no matter how long it takes.

Reward yourself for accomplishing steps towards your goal. I love making lists. I make lists for a lot of things. I like making lists to go grocery shopping, lists of rewards that Abigail can earn by having good days at school, lists of boyfriends I have had over the years, lists of what I am getting people for Christmas, etc.

I really should write down all my goals because they have been piling up in my head and writing it down really helps. I can also prioritize and come up with a timeline on when I think I can reasonably accomplish my goals.

When was the last time you thought of a goal for yourself? It can be something fun like plant a garden, go to the movies once a month, go to church every Sunday, etc. I mean, those are fun to me anyway. I know there are also boring things that we have to do, but sometimes put off and those should be goals too. Ultimately getting those boring things done always feels great when you have accomplished them. Things like paying off debt, writing a will, figuring out your retirement, looking for a better job, updating your resume, buying a new house, moving, etc.

Fresh beginnings are always a nice thing too. Even when the fresh, new beginning wasn’t what you wanted or intended. Even if it was forced on you. Just look at all things in a positive light and see how your life changes. Change your perspective. The mind is strong and can either be a positive or negative influence in your life.

Just because you are 16 or 38 or 60 or 83 doesn’t mean it is too late to start setting goals, accomplishing them and having new experiences. If you have always been a certain way, who says you can’t change? You can change if you want to change. You just need to make a decision, set some goals, have a good support system, forgive yourself and just be thankful you have this time.


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