Divine Intervention


I believe in God. Wait, no…that isn’t good enough. My mom always says “Even the devil believes in God.”

I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

I feel looking back on my little life so far, there has been tons of times that God has showed Himself in my decisions, choices, etc. He shows me that He is in control. I can sit here and plan all I want. Make my lists and my timelines and try to steer my life in the direction I want it to, but in the end, I am not in control at all. AT ALL.

Now that I am practicing “slowing down” and “being mindful” I am noticing the little tiny things that I used to take for granted or overlook. For example, there is a woman who sits next to me at work. I started working here and one month after working here, we were placed in cubicles right next to one another. We have high walls, so we cannot see one another all day, but we are facing each other. She and I have so much in common, we understood one another the first time we met. I am so lucky to have her next to me all day.

She sings almost everyday. She sings all kinds of music from gospel, R&B, Rap, old and new…I love hearing her sing. She is my soundtrack everyday. I just listen to her. I can also tell what type of mood she is in or if anything is going on in her life depending on what she sings, how loud she sings, how often she sings.

She wakes up at 4:00 a.m. each morning to pray. She prays long and hard each morning. She is an extremely spiritual, prayer warrior who is so sincere and kind. She was born and raised in Boston so she is kind, but if you cross her she won’t be shy to let you know. I know I have never crossed that line with her, but I have seen her flash on people pretty quickly. She does not use profanity, she just becomes very stern and it will get your attention fast.

She has such an interesting life story. She is a strong woman who was a single mother of three, left her family in Boston to move to California when she was 20. She has had a couple husbands, but is single now and has been for years. She is a strong, independent woman who has her 36 year old son still living with her. He will always live with her since he has autism as well as other developmental disabilities. That is another thing we have in common.

We talk about the struggle of being a single parent to a child who is not neurologically typical. We know how it feels to not have a typical parenting experience most of the time. Luckily, Abigail will not have to live with me forever. I see such unconditional love come from this woman who sits next to me all day. She follows my saga’s involving Abigail and loves her “art wall” I have in my cubicle.

We also eat the same, the Keto diet. We share sugar free Werther’s Original candies and pickle snacks. I make sure she eats each day since she will go all day without eating sometimes. She just forgets; gets too busy with her work.

This is just one person who has touched my life. Have you ever thought back on life and who was in it at certain times? Some people are only there for a brief moment. Some are lifelong friends. There is a reason for each person to come into your life. There is also reasons for each person to leave your life.

Who are these people? How have they changed your life? How have they protected you or assisted you? How have they hurt you? How have they made you stronger? How have they helped you with forgiveness?

God made these people. God had your paths cross. Why?


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