Baby Giggles


flowerDon’t you just love the sound of baby giggles? I remember the first time my baby girl started smiling and giggling. I couldn’t get enough of it. It’s those deep belly laughs that are so awesome to hear coming from a baby. What about a toddler? Or a kid? Teen? Adult? Parent? Is it still as addicting and special to hear? It should be. I think we tend to take smiles and giggles and laughter for granted as we get older and as everyone around us gets older. Laughter is therapeutic. We need to be mindful and appreciate laughter and smiles.

I realized this the other day when I took Abigail to the pool for five hours! Yes, five whole hours. It was so nice. It was hot, but not too hot, with a little breeze every now and then. Throughout the five hours we were there we sunbathed together, swam laps together and goofed off in the deep end.

At one point, we were in the deep end and I was actually enjoying her. I know being a working single parent makes everything rush by and sometimes you don’t have the time or appreciation for the little things. Fun with your kids sometimes feels like a chore and you would rather be having your own relax time than giving them some good quality time. It sounds selfish, but it is true.

So there we are, in the deep end, and she wanted to carry me. She is tall enough to touch the bottom of the deep end and still be able to carry me like a baby. I was goofing around and acting/talking like a baby and she was holding me under the water. She thought that was the funniest thing. She was laughing and giggling. Then she said “Bear hug me!” I wrapped my arms and legs around her underwater and she just loved the feelings of love from her mama so much she just grinned and

She looked so happy to be in the moment with her mommy. I felt the same! I was having a really fun time with her. It reminded me of when she was a baby and she was brand new and being a parent was new and exciting and tiring. I remember taking pictures and video of her giggling and laughing and smiling. Although I still take a ton of pictures and videos of her, I forget how that feeling is in the moment. I love making her laugh and smile like that.

It isn’t just a regular laugh or smile. It is different. I see her laugh and enjoy herself when she plays with her best friends and cousins. I see her laugh like this when she is watching some show like My Little Pony or Teen Titans. She does laugh and play with me, but it is much different when I am fully aware and enjoying her and enjoying myself too. Its hard to describe. I just want to be aware of this.

Its important to laugh and smile and enjoy yourself. I know we put the cute little decals up that says Live, Laugh, Love, and all that, but I feel like we don’t always have the time to. Or we don’t have the awareness or appreciation for these little things. Things are celebrated and enjoyed only during certain times, events, milestones, etc. Each day should be important and special. People should be important and special.

Enjoy those baby giggles but don’t forget how nice it is to hear your mom genuinely laugh. Or make someone laugh or break a smile when least expected. Just enjoy the moments. They are fleeting.





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