When was the last time…


A few evenings ago I was at a yoga class and the instructor had us start out lying on our backs. We put a yoga block under our backs where our shoulder blades meet and another one under our heads. The feeling was so relaxing and it reminded me of a feeling I have felt before. It reminded me of when someone carries you. When was the last time someone carried you? Physically carried you. The last time I was carried, that I can remember is when I was a kid. When your parents carry you and you are so relaxed that your head just hangs over the crook of their elbow and you feel safe. Do you remember what that feels like? That is how that pose made me feel. A nice, relaxing, safe feeling. It was a great way to start the practice.

Last night I went out country line ¬†dancing. I am not a good dancer. I am very uncoordinated and it takes me forever to learn simple steps. I can barely get the footwork down and then they want to add in some claps and hip bumps and then it just gets worse. I get all turned around. Anyway, the point of this ramble is because I do a lot of people watching while I am there. They do a lot of line dancing as well as couple dancing like Two Step, Cowboy Cha-Cha, Drifter, etc. Last night they did a slow dance. A simple slow dance. When was the last time you slow danced? I honestly cannot remember, except in Junior High and perhaps High School at a dance. Therefore, when I saw all the couples dancing together it reminded me of that awkward, cheesy feeling you get at those school dances. However, isn’t it super romantic if your significant other asked you to dance? I wouldn’t really enjoy it in public as much as I would at home in our living room. Maybe I have watched too many romantic comedies and read too many Nicolas Sparks and Nora Roberts books. I am a hopeless romantic.

I have no point to this blog, but those two random things that happened recently that got me thinking…when was the last time I did this or did that? You forget about certain things and how they make you feel. Or you remember how it felt at a certain time in your life and you think that is how it would feel all the time. But things change and people change and mature and you got to be ready to try things again or at least don’t forget or give up on how things are intimate and amazing.


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