Beginner’s Mind


Yesterday evening while at the yoga studio, the instructor mentioned having a beginner’s mind. She mentioned this was a Buddhist thing, which I don’t follow or believe in, but I kept listening to her explain it and I kept an open mind. She started the class with this since it would be the theme for the evening.

She explained how when we are younger/children we tend to view things differently. We view the world with a curious mind. We are beginner’s in everything. We wonder and we examine and we explore and we do this without hesitation or feeling vulnerable or uncertain. She said she wanted us to remember what that is like to have that child-like mindset for when we do our practice.

We started by getting into our bodies more and out of our minds. We paid attention to little things like the light we could see through our eyelids when they were shut. How the air going in through your nose is cooler than the air going out of your nose. You can feel the different sensations of the breath swirling at the back of your throat. Your breath itself is unique. We paid attention to that for several minutes.

We did a lot of different poses and held them for several minutes. It was quite relaxing to focus in on the subtle changes in the body when in a certain shape.

It is true that we spend our lives learning things and becoming experts in some things. It is good to remember what it is like to be a child and have curiosity and explore things. Little things we might take for granted.

I really enjoyed this practice, as I have been enjoying all the restorative yoga sessions this week. It is my new obsession, my mom is right 🙂

When I lie down at the beginning of class I feel grateful for that space where I can practice and feel safe and open. I don’t feel silly or judged or anything. I think, okay I can do this at home. I can buy these props and look up restorative yoga on YouTube, but really?! It isn’t the same. It really isn’t.

It is way better to be there with others doing the same thing. Having a space that is extremely quiet. Focusing on the noises you can hear in your own body as you breath. Listen to the noises in the room, which is so quiet for having about thirty people in there. I could only hear the air conditioner, or a fan or the humming of electricity. I heard the cars outside and sometimes someone’s music at the stoplight. You take it all in. That is what being mindful is about. You don’t name it or try to control it, you acknowledge it is there and move on.

I love the quiet space with no interruptions. It is a little mini vacation from the hustle and bustle of life. It is a time to quiet my mind and focus in on feeling life. I also like the individual attention I get from the instructors. They want you to be as comfortable as possible. I was laying back on a bolster and the instructor came by and gently said “Do you mind if I put a pillow under your head?” She did and it felt perfect. I felt comfortable already, but didn’t realize that my alignment could have been even better.

I am just feeling so amazing and learning new things and remembering to observe other things…again. Sometimes I feel like to get healthier I need to do things hard and intense like working out almost every day doing high intensity things, which does feel great and is good. But you also need to have something to complement that. Something slow and quiet where you can feel and notice the little things in life again.

This helps so much with stress, anxiety and sleep issues. I only woke up once last night! That never happens. I usually wake up 3-4 times a night and have for about 15+ years. This yoga is opening up areas that have been forgotten about. It helps me be more flexible, stronger, have better balance and a happier outlook on everything. It releases endorphins and helps me to relax on a whole other level. I am so happy I found yet another yoga that I love.



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